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Just a window of knowledge about digital marketing tips and tricks

In fact, some of the articles on oiobuzz are based on our past mistakes. So that those of you who have visited this website do not experience what we have.

We have lived and supported our family for the past 16 years thanks to Search Engines 🤭. Around the year 2000, we began to learn about the internet. Then, in 2006, we started working on the internet
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oiobuzz r&d service


Technology research & development.
Website development, application
development, & customization
oiobuzz digital marketing

DigiMark Expert

Digital marketing expert.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
Search Engine Marketing (SEM), etc
oiobuzz MultiMedia Advertising service

MultiMedia Advertising

The branding process, both online
and offline, employs an
omnichannel approach.

Why should you be an expert?

I’m sure you’re now good at using the technology you’ve always had your hands on. All walks of life are familiar with this one creature, forcing some markets to turn to online. We are also forced to get to know digital marketing. Please read how the future potential of digital marketing in 2022 and beyond.
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What to do next to start digital marketing?

At the beginning we also experienced it, feeling confused to start learning Information Technology. But don’t worry, we will give you a shortcut to starting a business online, especially the right steps in starting
  • Must have a blog or website
  • Expertise in writing articles
  • Understanding Onpage SEO. Like Google SE, Bing SE, Yahoo, etc
  • Understand the use of multiple digimark tools
  • Understanding SEO offpage or skills to bring in traffic


There are several elements in the world of digital marketing that we will dissect on this front page so that those of you who have stopped by the oiobuzz website become 1 frequency. Experts frequently consider approximately ten elements.
These ten elements are as follows:
  • Strategy : Final decisions from research and analysis results, as well as target market calculations, market segmentation, and competitor strength analysis to determine the business model concept.
  • Keyword : Determine business uniqueness based on results in strategy points to define keywords.
  • Content : From keywords, starting development to business content as branding material.
  • Design : Increasing the concept’s value by presenting it as ART in a variety of marketing tools, such as image design, video design, website design, and jingle arrangements.
  • Blog/ Website : Then pour it into copywriting for business websites as onpage SEO activities.
  • HTML/ Programming : The website’s appearance is designed to speak to users / humans, while it uses HTML programming language for on-page SEO needs to speak to machines.
  • Links : The arrangement and hearth of the relevant link structure is often referred to as SILO in 1 page website / Link Building. Also settings for external links for offpage SEO activities that will generate organic traffic.
  • Marketing : Following SEO, the term SEM (Search Engine Marketing) was coined, which refers to the creation of paid traffic or advertising campaigns.
  • Popularity : The process of a single unit of activity described above will result in the business’s popularity.
  • Lucky : The above is also determined by the luck factor, so that the 9 points can run quickly, precisely, and increase over time.


This is an overview of all digital marketing activities that the author studied, with the division of tasks for each of the activities mentioned above, which include: Desktop, network, backend, frontend, graphic design, multimedia design, content writer, onpage SEO, Offpage SEO, SEM, and conceptors, so that everything can be interwoven in one company organizational structure.

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